Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Miracles of a Wahabi scholar!

Miracles of Wahabi scholar “Ghulam Rasul”

Ghulam Rasul was a wahabi scholar and he was a student of great Indian wahabi scholar Nazeer Hussein dehalvi.

Ghulam rasul had a follower named Ghulab ,who was working as a watchman in the town of meerwal. This watchman fell in love with a woman who was a widow and used to wash clothes for her livelihood.

When people from this city came to know this, they removed Ghulab from the post of watch man.

Ghulab went to his teacher Ghulam rasul and said” sir ,I am dead! Please do something for me”. This continued for many days. One day wahabi scholar ghulam rasul called his servant Buddah Kashmiri and asked him to go to Ghulab and take a promise from him that he ( ghulab) will not touch this woman unless he is married. Ghulab agreed to this and made a promise to this effect.

Ghulam Rasul told Ghulab to climb on the roof of his house after isha salah ( night prayer) and say three times ‘ come to me, come to me, come to me ‘ ( three times) and he should then report the matter to Ghulam Rasul.

After three days at the time of Asr prayer ( late after noon prayer) the woman came to Ghulab’s house and said that her whole body was burning since last 3 nights and as soon as she entered Ghulab’s house her body was normal .Ghulab took her inside his house and they both remained inside the house for three days .

On third day Wahabi scholar Ghulam Rasul called his servant Buddah kashmiri and said ‘ go and bring that man here. He is commiting adultery now”. Buddah Kashmiri went to Ghulab;s house and brought him infront of Ghulam Rasul. Wahabi scholar Ghulam rasul became angry and told Ghulab to go away from him. Ghulab went to his house and the woman left him in angry mood.

Questions for Wahabis

Since wahabis say that there is no miracle,how do they explain this incidence?
Was wahabi scholar Ghulam Rasul present in the room ?How else did he know what was happening in the room?

Where was wahabi scholar present at the time of incidence? Can he be present at two places at the same time?

This is the truth of wahabism! They attribute all powers to their scholars, but when it comes to prophet ( sal allahu alayhi wa sallam) then they deny it !

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Miracles of Ibn Taymiyya !!

As per wahabis no one except Allah has the knowledge of the unseen.And if any one ascribes knowledge of the unseen to any one except Allah , then he becomes a mushrik!

The muslims of Ahlus sunnah say and beleif that Allah alone has the self knowledge of unseen and He bestows this to any one whom He wishes.

Knowledge of the Unseen is one of Allah's prerogatives, exclusive to Him except insofar as He discloses it to His elect servants:

"He discloses not His unseen (ghayb) to anyone, except only to such a Messenger as He is well-pleased with." (72:26)

The hafiz Ibn Hajar al-`Asqalani explained this verse thus:

It follows from this verse that Prophets can see some of the Unseen, and so do the saints (wali, pl. awliya') that follow each particular Prophet also, as each takes from his Prophet and is gifted (yukram) with his knowledge. The difference between the two is that the Prophet looks at this knowledge through all kinds of revelation, while the saint does not look upon it except in dreams or through inspiration, and Allah knows best.

(ath al-bari (1989 ed. 8:660) tafsir surat Luqman, "Allah has knowledge of the Hour" (31:34))

Ibn Hajar quotes al-Qurtubi's words confirming this:

The truthful, righteous Muslim (al-muslim al-sadiq al-salih) is he whose state matches that of Prophets and thereby is bestowed (ukrima) some of the same kind of gifts they were given: that is to behold the unseen (wa huwa al-ittila` `ala al-ghayb). As for the disbeliever (al-kafir), the corrupt person (al-fasiq), and the contentious one who confuses matters for the listeners (al-mikhlat)-- then no.

( al-Qurtubi as quoted by Ibn Hajar in Fath al-bari (1989 ed.) 12:449.)

Now lets see the miracles of Ibn Taymiyya , how he had the knowledge of the unseen.If wahabis affirm and accept these miracles they become mushrik as per their own fatwa!

1st story:

The righteous, knowledgeable Shaykh Ahmad bin al-Harimi told me that he once traveled to Damascus. He said: “So, it happened that when I arrived, I had no provision or money with me, and I knew nobody in the city. So, I began to walk through its streets like a lost person. Suddenly, I saw the Shaykh walking swiftly towards me. He greeted me, smiled in my face, put in my hand a small pouch filled with some dirhams, and said to me: “Spend these now and stop worrying about what you are thinking about, as Allah will never abandon you.” He then walked away as if he had only come to say this to me. So, I supplicated for him, and I was very happy with this. I then asked some of the people: “Who is this man?” They said:
“You don’t know him?! He is Ibn Taymiyyah! It has been a very long time since we’ve seen him walk this road.”

Sufi ibn taymiyah got unseen knowledge from allah that Shaykh Ahmad bin al-Harimi is in need, so go and help him.

2nd story

And I was told by Shaykh Taqi ad-Din ‘Abdullah bin Ahmad bin Sa’id: “I traveled to Egypt when the Shaykh was living there, and I became very sick the night I arrived. So, I spent the night in some region of the country, and was shocked to suddenly hear someone calling me by my name and nickname. So, I answered him in a weak voice, and I sat up to see a group of the Shaykh’s companions entering upon me, some of whom I had met previously in Damascus. I said: “How did you know I was coming to Egypt when I have just arrived?” They said: “The Shaykh informed us that you were coming and that you are sick, and he told us to hurry to move you somewhere more comfortable, and we saw nobody else arriving or telling us anything.” So, I know that this was from the miracles of the Shaykh (may Allah be Pleased with him).

sufi ibn taymiyah knew that Shaykh Taqi ad-Din ‘Abdullah bin Ahmad bin Sa’id is coming and also sick. so lets help him


He also told me: “I became extremely sick in Damascus, such that I could not even sit up. I suddenly felt the Shaykh sitting next to my head, and I was very weak with fever and sickness. He supplicated for me and said: “You are now relieved.” As soon as he left me, I was immediately relieved of all the pain and sickness I had been experiencing.”

He also said: “I had come across some poetry written by one who had strayed from the truth that attacked the Shaykh. The reason he had written this poem was that someone had ascribed to him poetry and words that indicated he was a Rafidi, and took these words to a judge, and it was decided to publicize his condition to the people. The man falsely thought that it was the Shaykh who had written these words and taken them to the judge, and this is why he wrote this poetry attacking the Shaykh.
So, I kept this poem with me, and I would sometimes recite some of it. I came across many things in it that didn’t sit well, and I was constantly afraid and anxious because of what I was reading, and were it not for Allah’s blessing on me, I would have been overtaken by it. I asked myself why I was so affected by this poem, and I could find nothing more than that I liked some of its words. So, I promised Allah that I would not waste anymore time reading it, and I became a bit relieved and relaxed. However, I still had the poem. So, I took it and burned it up and washed away the ashes so that nothing would be left of it. I asked Allah’s Forgiveness, and suddenly was completely relieved of all the anxiety I had been feeling when reading the poem, and Allah replaced it with relaxation. I have since been in a state of good and relaxation, and I see that this was one of the miracles of the Shaykh granted to him by Allah.”


He also said to me that Shaykh Ibn ‘Imad ad-Din al-Muqri’ al-Mutriz said: “I visited the Shaykh once when I had some money with me. I greeted him, and he replied and welcomed me, and then left me without asking if I had any money with me. After a few days, I had spent all of my money. When the class was over and we had prayed behind him, he wouldn’t let me leave. He sat me down, and after everyone had left, he put a small pouch of money in my hand, saying: “Now, you have no money. Support yourself with this.” I was amazed at this, and knew that Allah had somehow made him privy to my situation - both when I had some money and when I had run out of it.”

sufi ibn taymiah got ilham that Shaykh Ibn ‘Imad ad-Din al-Muqri’ al-Mutriz has no money so help him.


I was also informed by a trustworthy individual: “When the Mongol invasion was approaching Damascus, its people became extremely afraid, and some of them came to him and asked him to supplicate for the Muslims. So, he turned to Allah and then said: “Rejoice, for Allah will grant you victory in three days, to the point that you will see their heads piled on top of each other.” By the One in Whose Hand my soul is, as soon as three days had passed, we saw their heads piled on top of each other in the center of Damascus, just as he said.”

sufi ibn taymiyah knows what will happen tmorrow and others from five keys of Ghayb???


And I was told by the righteous Shaykh ‘Uthman bin Ahmad bin ‘Isa an-Nassakh (may Allah be Pleased with him) that he would visit the sick in the hospital in Damascus every week, and this was a constant habit of his. He once came to a young man and supplicated for him, and he was quickly cured. He came to the Shaykh wanting to greet him, and when he saw him, he smiled to him, pulled him close, gave him some money, and said: “Allah has healed you. So, promise Him that you will quickly return to your homeland. Is it right for you to abandon your wife and four daughters without a provider while you sit here?” The man kissed his hand and said: “Sir, I repent to Allah on your hand,” and he later said: “I was amazed at what he knew about me, as I did leave them without any provision, and nobody in Damascus had known of my situation.”

when allah let know sufi ibn taymiyah how many wife or children he has, where is the problem!

7th story

And I was told by someone I trust that some judges were on their way to Egypt to assume positions there, and that one of them said: “As soon as I arrive in Egypt, I will rule that such and such of the noble scholars should be killed.” Everyone had agreed that this scholar was righteous and pious. However, this man’s heart contained such hatred and enmity to him that it drove him to want him dead. Everyone who heard him say this became worried that he would actually carry out his threat to kill this righteous man, and they were afraid that this man who wanted to be a judge would be led by Satan and by his own desires, causing him to spill sacred Muslim blood - they feared the great evil that would result from such an action.
So, they went to Ibn Taymiyyah and told him of exactly what had taken place. He said: “Allah will not allow him to carry out what he wants, and he will not even get to Egypt alive.” The judge had a very short distance to travel until he would arrive in Egypt when he was suddenly stricken with death. So, he died before arriving in Egypt, just as Allah had revealed on the tongue of the Shaykh (may Allah be Pleased with him).

mashallah mashallah sufi ibn taymiah had close connection with malakul maut, and he allready told to ibn taymiyah about the death of the judge.