Monday, May 12, 2008


Imam and Hafiz of hadith Abu Yala (Rh) narrates a hadith in his Musnad with the chain going back to the companion of prophet , Sayyedina Huzaifa (rd) that the prophet of Allah ( Rasul Allah Sallala hu alai hi wasallam) said


Verily, I fear about a man from you who will read the Quran so much that his face will become enlightened and will come to personify Islam. This will continue until Allah wishes when these things will be taken away from him when he will disregard them by putting them all behind him and attack his neighbour with the sword accusing him of Shirk. The Prophet was asked 'Which of the two was commiting Shirk? The attacker or the attacked?' The prophet replied 'The attacker (the one accusing the other of Shirk)."

The classification of this Hadith is Jayyid.( Strong)

Imam Ibn Kathir (Rh) also recorded this hadith in his Tafsir under Surah Al-Araf.

Please recall that Ibn Abdul Wahab Najdi al Tamimi, the fore father of all the Wahabis , called Muslims as “ Mushrik’( polytheist) and made it Halal ( Permissible) for his followers to loot the property belonging to Mulslims, to rape their women and kill Muslims.

Eevn today all the Wahabis try to justify this act of Ibn Abdul Wahab Najdi Tamimi stating that the muslims in the Arabian region were all mushrik and hence this barbaric act of Ibn Abdul Wahab Najdi is correct.

The present Wahabi generation also labels Sunni Muslims as ‘ Mushrik”

It is very clear from this hadith that prophet called these people as Mushrik and not Sunni Muslims.

Wahabis ansd modern day Khawarij, about whom Insha Allah another article will be posted.

Muslims should read the History of Wahabi massacre in TAIF in 1924.

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